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Nov 11, 2012 9:00am PST
. he talked to kristen welker. she's in washington with more. >> i interviewed steven boylan by phone saturday. he called petraeus a mentor and friend. boylan says he's stunned by the news about his former boss. in the meantime, new details are emerging about how this all came to light. according to multiple sources, the down fall of general david petraeus all started with a seemingly unrelated complaint to the fbi. officials say it was triggered by e-mails from paula broadwell to another woman not related to petraeus who felt she was being harassed and complained to the fbi. officials say in recent weeks, the fb icht traced the e-mails to broadwell and only stumbled on the relationship with petraeus as a result. >> my first reaction was disbelief. >> reporter: steven boylan worked with petraeus from 2005 to 2008, including in iraq. the two have remained close and spoke by phone on saturday. >> he said he had an excellent job, an exceptional family, he had had a great relationship he thought with the white house. and in his words, he screwed up. and he knows it. >> reporter: officials
Nov 25, 2012 9:00am PST
are set to take place this week. in washington today, we heard both sides staking out their positions. here's democratic senator carl levin on "meet the press." >> the key is whether the republicans will move away from the rigid position which has been the grover norquist pledge that they signed that they will not go away for additional revenues. >> the gop rejecting the decade-old pledge. here's what norquist said about cham bliss. >> the commitment that he made to the people of georgia was not to me. it was to the people of georgia that he would go to washington to reduce government spending and reform government, not raise taxes. if he wants to change his mind and become a tax increaser so we don't have to reform government, he needs to have that conversation with the people of georgia. >>> >> and new today, congressman peter king on the controversy. >> i agree with chambliss. if i were in congress in 1941, i would have signed al declaration of war against japan. i'm not going to declare war against japan today. the times have changed. ronald reagan and tip o'neil recognized that i
Nov 17, 2012 4:00am PST
, a select committee in the parlance of washington, to look into the benghazi attacks, of course, and september 11th that left four americans dead including the american ambassador, ambassador stevens, there's always the house of representatives, and certainly, their questions, they still have many questions about what they do as conflicting tell about that testimony or about that appearance that susan rice gave almost five days after those attacks on september 16th when she said this was a spontaneous event that began as a result or reaction to that anti-muslim video that inflamed passions throughout the muslim world, and morphed into something much more sinister. you saw those two senators there today, senator conrad, many other senators that we spoke to yesterday, said that the problem was is that some of the information that talked about the nature of the attacks, the terrorist nature of the attacks was classified. susan rice said what she could say, what she was told to say by the intelligence community when she made that appearance. so a little air taken out of the balloon
Nov 10, 2012 9:00am PST
for the "washington post" and political reporter for "politico." i want to get your sense on this white house reaction to the petraeus resignation. apparently the president did not know about this until wednesday. why is that? >> well, that's an interesting question. and a lot of people questioned that timing. because keeping this under wraps until after the election might be something that administration or the president's advisers would want to do. if we're to believe the white house he did find out general petraeus contacted tom donnelan and asked to come to the white house. the president mulled it over for a day and accepted the resignation. a terrible timing. even though it was after the election. but yesterday the president came out with a news conference to get on top of fiscal issues, set his momentum. this broke an hour later and stepped all over it. this is what the white house didn't want. it's going to complicate things next week and beyond. >> david, what's your reading on how people on capitol hill read the timing here? >> there's going to be some skepticism about the timing. i think may
Nov 10, 2012 4:00am PST
is greg miller, national security correspondent for "the washington post." greg, what a morning. let's get right to it. i'd like to hear the latest that you've learned. >> well, you know, the big question now is what is the reason for this fbi investigation into this e-mail? and it does look like this is an access to a personal e-mail account. so, this is not a case, as it initially appeared yesterday, of david petraeus coming forward to clear a guilty conscience or something. this is a case where he was flushed out in the open by an fbi investigation that had to do with security. >> okay. now, nbc news has not yet been able to reach paula broadwell for comment, so we haven't confirmed that she is, quote, the woman, but we do know the fbi's investigating her for possibly accessing petraeus' e-mail. what kind of information were she to be able to access that, would she have gotten? >> well, it's -- all the indications so far is that this is a personal e-mail account. it's not a cia or military e-mail account. so it would have presumably personal information there, but not necessarily nation
Nov 17, 2012 9:00am PST
west. breaking news. we begin with nbc's mike viqueira in washington. mike with a good day to you. i know you've just listened to a white house briefing on two big stories. let's talk about israel first. >> reporter: well you're right. we did hear from senior white house officials. aboard air force one the president on his way to southeast asia for a historic trip there. but these activities are really unfolding in israel and the gaza strip is dominating attention worldwide. the president spoke again with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he has spoken with him each day before this crisis began to unfold. they talked about the iron dome program, the anti-rocket defense that is so far from what we can tell effectively protecting israel from those rocket strikes out of the gaza strip. the president has also spoken with the new egyptian president, mohammed mersi and turkish prime minister. they have relations with has mass according to the senior official they were encouraged to engage hamas to get them to stop the rocket strikes which the official characterized as the prec
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am PST
. i think you guys have a poll out. the nbc washington "wall street journal" poll shows him up by six. you saw romney scrambling to try to change the narrative around the auto bailout. you have the car companies with saying he hasn't been truthful. the fact is four years ago, the unemployment rate was 12%. it's around 7% now. so they are looking at an economy that has improved over the last four years. it's hard for romney's campaign to gain traction there in talking about the economy being so horrible because the reality there is that it has improved. >> john, every credible poll shows romney behind in ohio. do you see it plausible he takes that state? >> the plausible scenario for mitt romney in ohio and other battleground states that are very close like florida or virginia, colorado, that sort of thing, the intensity, the enthusiasm for romney, the zeal of his electle electoral rat, te is built around enthusiasm and what the likely voters screens produce. what we're seeing nationally in our poll today is a 48%/47% race. there's a bit of a mystery to that. it's part art and part sci
Nov 18, 2012 9:00am PST
times" john har wood and "washington post" amy gardner. thank you for being here. appreciate that. you heard senator graham essentially accusing the administration of misleading on the nature of the benghazi attack. what's your attack? >> my attack take is that benghazi has become the channel through which republicans remaining unhappiness about the election outcome is being focused. look, it was catastrophic tragedy. but we have an explanation from petraeus for why susan rice said what she said. that is to say they deliberately obscured what they knew in order to avoid giving away too much to our adversaries. now you could say why did you need to do that? i'm not competent to say what advantage was gained there, but i'm not sure in the alternative what advantage anyone thinks the obama administration was going to get by misleading. the event happened. did anyone think the obama administration was trying to preserve some illusion that terrorists never would hit us as long as obama was president? we have been at war with terrorists 11 years and lost thousands of lives. i don't understan
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
in washington during watergate. he shares some lessons from that era. plus he talks about the wild night covering the 2000 bush-gore election and his fears of another potential split vote this time around. >>> in today's then and now, a look back at election night 1980. here's tom brokaw as ronald reagan's state was called and a warning don't be confused by the colors on the map because the colors represented different parties than they do now. >> we're going to call another state for ronald reagan. not surprisingly, it's a big one. it's his home state, california. 45 electoral votes. ronald reagan picks up his home state of california. he has never lost a race there. and we fill in a big chunk of the map once again with blue. now solid blue practically all the way from the mississippi river westward leaving only oregon, washington and arkansas as you can see. >> beginning to look like a suburban swimming pool over there. >> even in the east. >> sherman oaks i'd say by the way. >> even in the east, reagan is ahead. go ahead and have a look at this. >> the electoral vote, ronald reagan pu
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
ross of the washington institute for mideast policy. and at 1:00 p.m. we'll talk with diana buttu who has played a key role in palestinian negotiations. also former state department spokesman p.j. crowley. in this week's office politics a look at the best of the lighter moments with all of our guests. i began by asking mika brzezinski about a holiday dinner she'd like to forget. you brought up something this just popped to mind with your father being who he is in the carter administration, you being a democrat, you've got these two brothers, one of whom works for mitt romney. >> right. >> what in the world is thanksgiving dinner like around your table? >> we've had some bad ones. but we've had some -- >> can't talk about the iraq war. >> no, we can't talk about that. >> seriously. >> my mother hates it when i tell that story though. >> 2004, middle of the iraq war. >> it was just the boys weren't getting along. >> ian brzezinski, who worked for don rumsfeld, right under don rumsfeld. mark brzezinski, worked for bill clinton, and now is an ambassador in sweden, for barack obama, they g
Nov 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
, and edo keith congressional reporter for "the washington post." hi, guys, ready to go? >> good morning. >> how you feeling? >> let's talk about these polls you put out there, mark. what did you find in florida, and ohio? >> well, in ohio, president obama has a six-point advantage among likely voters. 51% to 45%. in florida, it's closer. president obama at 49% among likely voters. yet mitt romney at 47% among likely voters. one thing that is helping president obama is that early vote, the overwhelming number of people who've already voted early say that they are backing president obama. mitt romney has a little bit of a better score over obama on the economy. in florida, but in ohio it's president obama with the slight edge on who would better handle the economy. >> okay, so what is the interpretation of these numbers, though. does it mean it's all about getting out there to vote? i mean, it looks like president obama has the lead with the early voting. >> he does. and actually, just look at the totality of the poll right now. these two states, ohio and florida, are perhaps the biggest
Nov 24, 2012 9:00am PST
in washington, d.c. >> jackie kennedy was particularly protective of her children. what made her give stanley access to the family especially of the kids? >> well she didn't really give access in the beginning. in fact that famous exclusive four days that stanley got with the president and his son, he got that only when jackie left the country. she was very protective of the children. she refused to have them exploited in any way. so stanley frequently worked at cross purposes one time to get pictures. he was at hyannisport photographing the shrivers and he sent caroline into the compound with a little brownie camera. he said, now you want to learn how to take pictures. you take pictures of your mommy, of your daddy and your little brother and then you bring them back to me. well, when pierre salinger the press secretary found out, he nearly removed stanley's white house press credentials. but in the end -- >> it all worked out, didn't it? some compelling photographs you share in this book kitty. >> jackie said to stanley that she was so happy that he and the president
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)